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Interview With Jackson

Do you teach in different countries apart from The Czech Republic?

            No, I have always taught only in this country.

How often do you come to The CR and how long are you staying each time?

This is my first time, but I have been here since February, so I have been here for like 8 months, and I am going to go back to Canada in May. And I don’t know if I will come back.

What was your favourite place to stay when travelling?

Probably have to be Prague, probably just the most exciting place, it’s beautiful too, lots of stuff to do.

What are your hobbies, and how difficult is it to pursue them while travelling?

I used to play hockey, but I can’t really do that because I am on the go so much and the equipment is expensive, but I like reading and hiking and it is pretty easy to pursue to them while away, because I can just read in my hotel room and there is always cool hiking spots in every Czech town I am in and they are well mapped.                   

How do you like Czech gastronomy?

It’s quite good, it’s all like meat and potatoes, always large portions. So there are a lot of things I like, Svíčková and Řízek.

And what is your favourite Czech beer?

That’s a tough one there’s a lot of good ones, but one I mostly drink is probably like Kozel Černý ležák but Pilsner Urquell is classic. But Kozel is the one I always start drinking with.

What was your reaction after realising that Queen Elizabeth II died?

Probably controversial, but I wasn’t really affected by it even she is the monarch of Canada, it’s more so that it is the older generations have more connection, and she isn’t very present in a young culture. She’s on out money and she is technically the head of the state, but she is more tied to our parents and grandparents. So, it didn’t affect me that much.

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