Meeting a writer Janet Wingate

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Meeting a writer (Project Erasmus+ K 101 022 867)  

On 13th September Mrs. Janet Wingate visited our school. She had a very interesting lecture about her book Nonsuch Summer. This lecture was for pupils of 7th and 9th classes of primary school Sněžné and students of kvarta, 3.A and 3.B from the Bishop Grammar school.

All students have read some parts of Nunsuch Summer and some of them have read the whole book in a special lesson. Janet told us about the reasons of writing her book – she wanted to share her memories of her happy childhood on Nonsuch island and to explain the work of her father, famous conservationist, who has improved the ecosystems on the island.

Next English lesson will be without Janet and we will share our memories of our childhood.  


Veronika Vacková, Kateřina Smolková 3. B

Yesterday we welcomed Janet Wingate. She was speaking about nature and her life on the island Bermuda, about animals and nature which she has described in her book Nonsuch Summer.

She spoke about the weather. In the summer there are temperatures abound 30 degrees and in the winter there are 18-20 degrees. She likes swimming in the sea and at  Christmas she swims in the sea too because the water is quite warm. From January to March, the weather is cold. The typical Christmas meal on Bermuda is Cassava pie.It's a sweet pie with many kinds of meat like beef, pork, chicken and many others ingredients like cranberries and onion.The typical meal at Easter is a cod fish cake with bananas. This cake is made of cod, potatoes, onion, bananas and many others ingredients. This lesson was nice.  

Jana, Petra, Míra a Radim, kvarta  

Mrs. Janet Wingate visited us yesterday. She talked about  her book Nonsuch Summer, where she has written about the environment, about her childhood on the island called Nonsuch in The Isles of Bermudas.   

Janet told us about the adventures with her friend Carol, who lived near her.   It was a  really interesting lesson for us. So we enjoyed it!   

Linda,Gabriela, Petra a Radka, kvarta