School policies

Studenti sexty pro studenty 1. ročníků.

School policies by Honza, sexta class

Welcome to our school, new schoolmates!

In this article I’m going to describe you a few school policies you should follow. At the start of every lesson, you have to stand up and greet the teacher. You are able to pray before the lesson as well. Luckily you don’t have to wear uniforms but you always have to pay attention. You mustn’t chew chewing gum and you mustn’t smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs at school! You can eat at the school canteen but it’s definitely not obligatory. If you want to have good marks, you should study at least one hour before an exam. Oh, and I have almost forgotten the most important things - you must change your shoes when you come into the school and you mustn’t leave rubbish on the floor. Don’t forget to look at the list of after school activities, I am sure you will attend some of them.

I hope you will enjoy studying here!

School policies by Linda,sexta class

Dear students,

First of all, I would like to welcome you. I'm glad that you have chosen just this school and I promise we will help you to survive these hard years of high school. But you can also help yourself by keeping some of our school rules. Always try to concentrate and listen in the lessons. Because after that, you won't have to study a lot at home. You mustn't use your mobile phones during learning and please be quiet and don't make a noise. You don't have to join every afterschool activity, but you should. You'll learn something more. And the most important note - don't be scared. This is just a high school.

Try to enjoy this time and make some new friends.