Témata ročníkových prací

Seminář ve 3. ročníku.

Témata ročníkových prací AJ 2022-23

Vyučující : PhDr. Jitka Stráská

1. Typical Czech family. Family problems.

2. Typical Czech housing. Housing problems.

3. My home town and its surroundings.

4.The Highlands.

5. Get around Prague.

6. Transport and travelling.

7. Entertainment.

8. Czech education.

9. Festivals in the Czech Republic.

10. Festivals in the U.K .and the U.S.A.

11. Young people and their world in 21 century.

12. Sports and games.

13. Famous Czechs.

14. Problems of the world.

15. My favourite English or American  author.

16. Natural disasters in the world in 21 century.

17. Modern technology in our lives.

18. My hometown.

19. Native people in English speaking countries.

20. The Bishop Grammar School.

Dne 1.9.2022 za PK AJ PhDr.Jitka Stráská