Týden s angličtinou

A kanadským lektorem na Bigy

English course at school

Last week of March (27–31), students from sekunda and tercie class had the opportunity to join a course with a native English speaker from Canada, Jackson Mattocks. 

We spent three lessons every day by competing in teams in quizzes, conversing with each other and with our lecturer, and making fun projects and presenting them to our classmates. This way, we got to expand our vocabulary and learn words and terms to describe different topics more closely.  

Me and my classmates are grateful for being able to spend our time this way, and I am convinced that everyone enjoyed it. It was great to experience English differently than in our normal lessons.

Rosemarie Balková, tercie class

It was fun, entertaining, helpful and just amazing. Thank you very much

Kristýna Havlíková, sekunda class

Poznámka: Kurz byl pořádán ve spolupráci s English Focus již šestým rokem. Na září je připraven další pro nové studenty 1. ročníků a studenty budoucí kvinty.

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